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Itineraries & Maps

The Tasman Region has a diverse range of activities and attractions ranging though adventure, nature based activities, fascinating history and magnificent wilderness.

For a complete itinerary planning and booking service, as well as expert information, contact the staff at the Port Arthur Booking and Information Centre, or browse through Places to Stay, Eating & Drinking and Facilities & Services to explore the options or book direct.

Immerse yourself

Take the time to fully explore the Tasman Region and enjoy the plethora of wildlife, fruits, wines, seafood, eating places and the most incredible scenic walks and ocean cliff top vistas that you will ever experience. Or submerse yourself in the dark history of the best-preserved convict settlements in Australia and among the most significant convict era sites in the world.

Getting here: Allow yourself 1 ½ hours travel from Hobart to Port Arthur, or places between. South-East Tasmania.


One Day Among More...

Day One

You will most probably depart Hobart, and certainly traverse the staging post of Sorell travelling towards the Tasman Peninsula. You may linger at Dunalley regrown from the 2013 fires, taking in the historic Abel Tasman marker on the North-Eastern head of manmade Denison Canal.

Passing through the Denison Canal

Cross the swing bridge at Dunalley with both the Oysters and Sunset Beach to die for. Traverse the Forestier Peninsula through Murdunna reaching the drop-dead scene at the Tasman Sea Cliffs Lookout, breathtakingly below; Eaglehawk Neck and Pirates Bay, and out to the Tasman Peninsula…land of the highest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere. Cape Hauy beckons as the southern headland to Fortescue Bay. The Hippolyte sits in isolated glory far to sea.

Eaglehawk Neck

Follow Pirates Bay Drive, the course for the annual Motor Hillclimb event, and stop at the car park opposite the Lufra Hotel. A quick walk will take you to the amazing Tessellated Pavement, fantastic to see anytime, magnificent at sunrise and alluring under the Southern Lights.

Tessellated Pavement

Eaglehawk itself offers a free museum at the convict era Officer’s Quarters and then the notorious Dog Line that made Eaglehawk Neck so useful in convict days.

Across the Neck, aptly named ‘Doo Town’ and significant geology; Tasman Arch, Devil’s Kitchen, the fascinating ocean and cliff views culminating in your arrival a beautiful Waterfall Bay where the water tumbles a hundred or more meters into the ocean.

Doo Town

By now you will be ready to check into your chosen accommodation on offer right around the Peninsula. Rest and relax! If you haven’t grabbed a bite from the various food offerings or failed to pack a lunch for the day, talk to your host for dinner recommendations at a local restaurant or eatery and dream of tomorrow’s; sea cruise, fishing adventure, or a day out at Saltwater River, the Coal Mines or Lime Bay.

Day Two of others...

Day Two

Wake refreshed early to start a most unforgettable journey of the Tasman Peninsula.

Whether you stayed in cosy cabins, a guest house, a theme motel, or hotel or holiday park you will wake refreshed early to start a most unforgettable journey.

Experience close encounters with whales, dolphins, count seals and sea birds, catch tuna or trumpeter, or take in the soaring sea cliffs from below. Visit the visitor centre at the Port Arthur Historic Site to purchase your two-day pass. Enjoy history and scenic beauty with innovative interpretation of the harsh discipline and determined industry of early settlement. This could also be you, joining the Three Capes Track experience, departing Port Arthur heading by water to Denman’s Cove and exiting at Fortescue Bay four days later.

Port Arthur Historic Site - Penitentiary

Tasman Island Cruise

Not to be missed too; a whiskey distillery, the stunning beautiful Tasman Golf Course with its signature 8th hole a 120-metre tee shot across an ocean gorge. Come face to face with our Tasmanian Devils at the UNZOO, or go visit Safety Cove and Dog Bark Lane on the way to Crescent Beach, or zip to Nubeena for supplies, lunch, or on the way to White Beach or Roaring Beach.

Tasman Golf Club

Tasmanian Devils

White Beach Sunset

After dinner wherever you find it, if you are strong of heart and dare, join the Ghost Tours and be enthralled at the macabre tales that still echo in the darkened corridors of select historic Port Arthur buildings. Keep your eyes on the darkened sky, you never know when the Aurora will swirl its petticoats over the Peninsula? The lack of manmade light in our environment reveals some amazing star displays to the naked eye.

Port Arthur Historic Site

Picket Fence Aurora over Fossil Bluff

Dogline Dog at Eaglehawk Neck

Day Three of others...

Day Three

A day for fresh air and exhilaration on your unforgettable journey of the Tasman Peninsula.

A day for fresh air and exhilaration. You might be setting off to Surveyors Hut, or off to Crescent Bay, Brown Mountain and Remarkable Cave where along the road you will be enchanted by the amazing view across the bay to Cape Pillar and Tasman Island.

Tasman Island Cruise - Cape Pillar and Tasman Island

Stop a further 200 metres along at Safety Cove and stroll along the lovely secluded beach. You will probably be alone in the most picturesque scene, so just relax and take in the magic of the moment.

Safety Cove Beach

Continue on to the Remarkable Cave Lookout and be enthralled at the power and might of the Southern Ocean and Cape Raoul, the ‘fluted cape’ as it stands a sentinel to Tasman Island. Now take the 15-minute return journey down to the cave to see why it is so remarkable.

Remarkable Cave

Now the decisions become difficult for you as there is still so much you haven’t seen.

  • From the car park at the Remarkable Cave, you can then take the 4 hour return walk to Crescent Beach, the Maingon Blowhole and Mount Brown.
  • Head to beautiful Fortescue Bay and at the beach; head left to Bivouac Bay 3 hrs, or right at the newly completed track to 4 hr Cape Hauy section of the Three Capes Walk.
  • Pack goodies, plenty of water with 4 to 5 hours walking up your sleeve and take the turnoff to Stormlea/Highcroft and your off head to Cape Raoul and the big wave surfers Mecca Shipstern Bluff. Once at the Lookout, your choice; Shipstern Bluff and Tunnel Bay and return to carpark, or left to Cape Raoul basting in the incredibly vivid and rugged coastline, and seeing the huge seal colony on the lower edges of the cape.
  • Head back to Port Arthur Historic Site (free entry for the second day) to catch up on that missed boat cruise around the bay, maybe search official records for long lost family, visit a few more buildings or just to take in the serenity.
  • Alternatively, armed with a picnic hamper packed by your accommodation hosts, or gathered for the purpose, you may choose to follow the Convict Trail along the touring loop road and visit the pristine waters of White Beach and the former Convict Probation Station and quaint coastal township of Nubeena. From there continue on to the Old Trading Store at Premaydena where you can purchase some exquisite local goodies before heading to Saltwater and the Historic Coal Mines, a place of even more despicable convict happenings than Port Arthur.
  • For the extreme sports minded, you can spend your morning exploring the ocean floor with the experts at Eaglehawk Neck Dive Centre.
  • What about a visit to the Taranna Historical Museum or maybe some chocolate?

Exit the peninsula, but do take time to have one last glance of the majestic Tasman Peninsula from the Tasman Sea Cliffs Lookout.

Leaving so soon...

Pirates Bay

As you journey back towards Sorell, take advantage of the reasonably priced fuel stations at Dunalley and the Murdunna Store. Along the way you can also grab a morning or afternoon snack of freshly shucked oysters or a Tasmanian scallop pie or just linger along the way for lunch or dinner.

You are now well within 1 hour of Hobart or the Airport.